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When in Ethiopia

January 20, 2012

Well, three full days and except for cycling shoes, I have been completely barefoot. I’ve enjoyed the positive feedback and even laughed at most of the witty, but negative feedback I’ve received here, on Facebook and on Cougaruteforum where I have also posted about my decision to ditch my shoes. I had thought I had considered everything, but y’all reminded me about something I had forgotten: public restrooms. Ack!

Three days and many outings and I somehow have managed not to need a public potty at all. But between my kids and my own bladder, which has taken a fair amount of abuse after three pregnancies, a trip to the john is both imminent and inevitable. Do I cross the pee-stained tiles in my bare feet or do I slip on some flip flops to keep a little bit of space between my soles and the bacteria? I haven’t decided yet. But really, how bad can it be? I’m a mom. Pee, poop and vomit are my currency. I deal with the disgusting almost daily. I am immune. And I’ll probably make sure I always have hand/foot sanitizing wipes in my purse. Really, what mom can live without them?

Tomorrow will be a new barefoot adventure. I’m headed out to eat… Ethiopian. They don’t wear shoes in Ethiopia, right? I’ll just tell them I want the full cultural experience with my food. Besides, from what I have read, those barefooters in Ethiopia have much healthier feet than the shoed folks here in the U.S. According to Samuel B. Shulman’s article,”Survey in China and India of Feet That  Have Never Worn Shoes”*:

People who have never worn shoes acquire very few foot  defects, most of which are painless and non-debilitating. The range of their  foot motions are remarkably great, allowing for full foot activity. Shoes are  not necessary for healthy feet and are the cause of most foot troubles. …  Footgear is the greatest enemy of the human foot.

Maybe I’ll take my bra off, too. I don’t think they wear those there either. I wonder if there is any literature on those benefits. 🙂

Read more about healthy barefooting here.

*In the  Journal of the National Association of  Chiropodists, 49, 949, pp. 26-30.


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  1. nicole b. permalink

    the only benefit of not wearing a bra is sagging boobs.
    i’m doing an experiment and wearing only high heels every day. so far my feet feel fine.

    • Adam permalink

      Your feet may be fine in the short-term Nicole, but if you wear high heels all day, every day you are more likely in the long-term to suffer from deformed feet (eg bunions) and knee and lower back pain.

  2. Adam permalink

    Good luck with the 5k Marci!

  3. Marci I support your new found adventure……good luck

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