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Going shod for my son

February 15, 2012

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and it would probably be really entertaining to read about how I went to this high brow French restaurant in my bare feet… But of course, I didn’t do that. I’ve been married 13 years, so we ordered Papa Johns and shoved face with the kids.

Valentine’s Day is really meant for singles and school-age children. Each of my kids had a party at their schools. My daughter’s kindergarten party was yesterday and I attended in my bare feet. All in all, it was uneventful. I felt a little self conscious at first being barefoot, but only one little girl asked me about my shoes. I simply told her I didn’t like to wear shoes. That satisfied her curiosity and she moved on to the heart-shaped cookie on her plate. No one else said a word, at least to my face, about my naked feet.

My daughter and her friend celebrating Valentine's Day in their kindergarten class. That's me behind the camera in my bare feet.

However, I was not as brave for my oldest son’s party. I slipped on a pair of ballet flats before entering his school. Here’s the difference. My son, 10, has built up quite the reputation at his school and I didn’t want to add to it.

You know that blond-headed Williams boy, the one that’s always getting into trouble? His mom doesn’t wear shoes. Yep, she goes barefoot—EVERYWHERE. No wonder the kid’s a mess. He doesn’t stand a chance.

That conversation at my daughter’s school would have gone like this:

You know that blond-headed Williams girl, the one that’s really quiet and sweet? You don’t know who I am talking about? She’s the one that never gets into trouble and only talks when she is called on? Hmm, well, I don’t know how else to describe her, but her mom doesn’t wear shoes and that’s kinda weird, don’tcha think?

I could probably show up to my daughter’s school after not showering for three weeks wearing a Charles Manson T-shirt and chartreuse spandex shorts and it wouldn’t make a difference in their eyes. At school, she is sweet and obedient. Who cares if her mom is a shoeless nut? But with my son I am anxious for the teachers to have as many favorable associations with him as possible, in the hope that they will then be more understanding and patient with his daily shenanigans. This is why I volunteer to be his room mom, plan his class parties and kiss up to his teacher, and this is why, despite loving my barefoot rebellion, I wear shoes to his school.

Now, a fancy French restaurant without shoes? That is something I would love to try… If only someone else is willing to pay. Papa Johns is really more my price range.


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  1. Paul E. von Savoye permalink

    Marci in California where you grew up, some places of business still have signs that say: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service. I realize you live in Mississippi now and the customs may be different there. But don’t you feel that you are pushing the common decency envelope a bit too far? Dad

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