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Provo is for runners

March 13, 2012

Take off your shoes Provo! Your streets are wide and smooth and your sidewalks are clear of debris. You are a great city to run around in bare feet.

This is the view out my in-laws' breakfast room. Can you believe my husband grew up looking at these gorgeous mountains every day while he slurped his cereal?

Provo, Utah is where my husband grew up and where my in-laws still live. It is also home to my alma mater, Brigham Young University, and where I first caught the running bug about 15 years ago. Smart Mormons go to BYU to find a spouse, and hopefully earn a degree while they’re at it. Because spouse-hunting is top priority here, on any given Monday through Saturday, Provo streets are full of people out running in an effort to stay on top of their game. It’s why I started running—and it worked. I dropped a few lbs and ended up marrying the coolest guy on campus.

Anyway, to get here, I spent 30 hours crammed in the car, with said husband and resulting three children. I was anxious to breathe some fresh mountain air and get my blood circulating again. So while the rest of Provo headed to church on Sunday morning, I headed out for my first barefoot Utah run. The sun was high and the weather was unseasonably warm. With the mountains as my backdrop, I ran around the well-groomed streets of Northeast Provo in my naked feet and reminisced to myself about all the good times had when I was young and living here. I covered just over six miles and my feet did great.

Back when I lived in Provo, there were a few really great races that couldn’t be missed. In the summer you had the Provo River and Hobble Creek Half Marathons. There was also the Homestead 15K in Midway, and of course, everyone wants to get into the St. George Marathon in October. In the last 10 years since I have been gone, weekend racing has exploded. From what I can tell from all the billboards along I-15, there’s a major race almost every weekend along the Wasatch Front. If I didn’t already want to move back to Utah for the sake of being closer to my in-laws and all my kids’ cousins, I would move back just for that. Seriously, there’s no better place to run than here… And if you hack the cold, do it barefoot.


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  1. Brrrrr. Would you run totally barefoot in the winter? I think I would have to rock some VFFs or something—I’m just not that hardcore.

  2. Janet Williams permalink

    Don’t forget the Half Marathon in Moab this next weekend. The Other Half is in Oct. Both races are run on the highway paralleling the beautiful Colorado River and adjacent cliffs. Don’t know how bare feet bare up on a two lane highway, but its spectacular.

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