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There’s a Yahoo Group for that!

March 27, 2012

You know what I love about the internet? No matter how obscure the hobby, ridiculous the interest, or specific the demographic, you can find friends online with whom to share your insights and enthusiasm. Do you have a hearing aid fetish? There’s a Yahoo Group for that. Are you a clown who loves Jesus? There are several Yahoo groups for that. Are you a black vegan, Jewish vegan, or a homeschooling vegan? Your respective online communities await your membership.

When I decided to go barefoot, the first thing I did was search the internet for people like me. I have joined the Society for Barefoot Living and The Barefoot Runners Society. I am also a part of The Barefoot Savages Facebook group and I have “liked” The Primal Foot Alliance group there as well. Through these associations I have read a lot of stories and chatted with a few new internet friends who seem to be getting hassled in places where I have not been bothered, and I have a theory as to why.

So far, these signs haven't kept me from going anywhere barefoot

You see, the majority of the members in these groups are men. These men, like me, are going to restaurants, stores, public libraries, etc., barefoot, but unlike me are getting asked to leave. Why have I been so lucky? Let’s face it. At 5’6″ and 130 pounds with three kids in tow, I’m odd, but not threatening. Last week, I dragged my three kids into Victoria’s Secret to cash in on a free underwear coupon. As my oldest son teased his sister, and my youngest son knocked over a lip gloss display, I picked through the pile panties looking for the cutest pair. Three of the four of us were barefoot, but it wasn’t our naked feet that were creating a scene. Was I asked to leave? No. I was just a haggard mother who obviously doesn’t get out much. Bless her soul. She’s so tired and frazzled taking care of those three little monsters that she forgot to put on her shoes. If anyone deserves a free pair of underwear, it’s her.

Now, if I were a man walking into Victoria’s Secret in my bare feet? Well, the pervert alarm would go off. Forget lingerie. A barefoot man walks into any store and he’s not just odd, he’s suspect. Possibly dangerous, maybe mentally ill, and definitely trouble. I’ll admit it’s not fair, but women who go barefoot tend to get a pass where men do not. I wish it weren’t so. I wish that all people, male and female, could freely choose their foot attire, or lack thereof, without judgment. Hopefully someday. Until then, as a member of the sex who has been oppressed and discriminated against since the dawn of time, I will savor this small advantage I have over my male counterparts. Also, I will start a Yahoo Group devoted to ending barefoot sexism. And maybe another group for barefoot moms who love free stuff.


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  1. This is one time I am glad to be a woman too! -TJ

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