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Naked feet, naked paws

March 30, 2012

My boys and me: All 10 paws are barefoot.

Made a run to PetSmart today with Gomez and my sons. No one wore shoes. And yes, I am still in my workout clothes… One of these days I will make into the shower before noon.


From → Gomez

  1. Keep up the good work. I only realised after my first trip to California how people had been looking at me and muttering “look, no shoes”. I was shocked to be asked to go and put shoes on on the campus at the Uni in Sacramento – I asked why and was told it was a health rule so I checked and I see there is no such local, state or federal law and never has been ANYWHERE in US! I seems really odd to me that everyone I spoke to seems to think there are such laws!
    I do get weird looks here in Australia but there is no problem with going anywhere barefoot (so far).
    Keep up the good work! let’s all get healthy feet 🙂

  2. Elizabeth permalink

    Shower before noon? Nah, most days I am still on the tennis court at noon. No shower for me until after dinner sometimes!!!! We should start comparing barefoot photos. I will say this, I love running barefoot, but I could never play tennis on a clay court without my shoes. My feet would look like road kill after the first set!

  3. Marci, who took that cool picture?

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