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I am not alone

May 6, 2012

I look a little stiff in this picture, but I was screaming inside, I found another Mississippi barefooter!

“Nice shoes,” I joked to the barefoot guy in line behind me at Sneaky Beans in Jackson. I was playing it cool, but inside I was doing cartwheels. There was a guy in his bare feet, out in public, in Jackson. I know y’all think none of us wear shoes here in Mississippi, but Mississippians do wear shoes, especially in public. They also have indoor plumbing, spell just as well as other Americans, (not saying much, I know) and most of them still have all of their teeth. We’re really not all that different from the rest of America.

Lovin’ those black soles.

Anyway, this is the first time I have ever bumped into a fellow barefooter anywhere, and I was almost certain I was the only serious barefoot runner in the entire state. Well, I could only play it cool for so long. After ordering, finding a seat, I went back and found this naked-footed man. He’s Paul. He’s been barefooting for the last three years, about the same time he gave up smoking and decided to get healthy. He never really liked running, until he tried doing it in his bare feet. Now he goes out and runs five or six miles at a seven to eight-minute pace. Amazing!

Barefoot Paul, as soon as my foot pain subsides, we’re going running!

You can buy this shirt at Sneaky Beans, but I swear most Mississippians wear shoes, unfortunately.


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  1. Hi just happened upon your blog. Nice to know that there are other barefoot lifestylers out there.
    Cheers Steve

  2. Hi great to know there are more barefoot lifestylers out there.
    Cheers Steve

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