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Pre-triathlon jitters

June 1, 2012

We spotted this gator off the Natchez Trace where I will be riding tomorrow

I keep having these dreams. I show up to my first triathlon just minutes before it is supposed to start and realize I had forgotten to bring something pretty important—like my bike. At that point I notice that my 3-year-old son is with me and there is no one to watch him while I race. I put my son in the car and hurry back home to get my bike. When I get home (which, of course, is not my current home, but my childhood home) there are all these people around asking me questions and otherwise preventing me from loading up my bike and returning to the race. When I finally get back to the race, I realize that I left my swim goggles on the kitchen counter. And then I wake up.

I don’t need my psychologist husband to analyze this dream. It’s all about my anxiety for tomorrow’s race, the Heatwave Classic. It’s a half-mile swim in a gator-infested reservoir, a 24.5-mile bike ride on the scenic Natchez Trace and then a 10K run on a multi-use trail. As if a nagging injury that has kept me from running the last six weeks wasn’t enough on my pre-race nerves, I am now dealing with a cough, sore throat and achy head.

My goal: cross the finish line before it gets taken down. I’ll bike in my cycling shoes, but the swim and run I plan to do barefoot. Although, I am contemplating bringing a pair of Vibram FiveFingers just in case. I haven’t been running since the weather heated up, and  I don’t know how I will handle the hot pavement.

The race starts in less than 22 hours. Until then I will be pumping fluids, icing my foot and hopefully getting a nice dreamless sleep tonight so I wake up feeling a lot better tomorrow than I did today.

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