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Actually, this boot was not made for walking

June 11, 2012

Confirmed by an MRI: I have a stress fracture. I am one week into my four to six week sentence in this blasted boot. The doc also wants me to walk with a crutch or a cane on my right arm and to basically stay off my foot as much as possible to let it heal. It’s summer. I have three kids. I miss running and moving and teaching fitness classes. I feel “flabby, fat and lazy*.” And I am going nuts!

This boot, of course, means I have to wear shoes, or more appropriately, a shoe. Will my soles go soft in the next six weeks? Will I be back to square one when it comes to barefooting? I will most definitely be back to square one when it comes to barefoot running. I’ll have to start out slowly and build up my mileage again, with 10 percent increases a week at a time.

So, is my barefootedness the cause of my injury? Well, lots of shoddies get stress fractures, too. Particularly women. I believe I fell victim to what is known in the barefoot running world as: too much, too soon. I was just doing too much, too fast and not giving my body adequate rest in between. So my friends, five weeks from now when I am back to barefooting, please help me remember my limits. Because I don’t want to be back in this boot ever again.

*Can you name the Disney song that contains that line?



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  1. Matthew Medina permalink

    Aww, that stinks Marci. Sorry you’ve gotta wear that thing, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed that when you get out of it, it won’t have had an adverse effect on your barefooting. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. Jake permalink

    Be our Guest. Best wishes with recovery. Out of curiosity, are you going to wear a shoe on the other foot to maintain similar levels of sole-toughness? Or are you going to become right-barefoot dominant? Also, did you raise your leg up to take the picture because your house was not as tidy as you would’ve preferred for a blog backdrop? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. If you have to wear the boot pretty much all the time, then you’ll probably loose the though pads on that foot. Back when I broke both my legs, my foot pads peeled off my feet and when I was able to walk again I had to start over.

  4. Thanks Matthew! I need all the help I can get. Jake, nice. You know your Disney movies. I am wearing a shoe on the other foot just to balance out my walking. I’d be lopsided, otherwise. And yes, I have three kids. I’ve been in a boot in all week. My house is a disaster. Also, I have black concrete floors, so I thought the black on black (boot and floor) wouldn’t work. Ward, breaking both legs must have been awful. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. What happened?

  5. Meredith permalink

    Marci–I’m wearing the same exact boot! I’m wearing it after a slip in our hot tub about 11 days ago. Broke a bone in the foot. I’m facing the same reality….. four kids, one summer, a highly fashionable boot and 8-10 weeks until I can fully be engaged with that foot again! Poo poo!

    • Meredith! I wish we lived closer so we could hobble around together. I am so sorry.

  6. Cherie permalink

    I’m sorry that really sucks! I guess we’ll both be “booting” it on vacation. I hate it and have another 4-5 weeks in mine. I would be happy if I were down to one crutch by Hawaii. My ankle is still swollen, bruised and sore. Hang in there Marci. I feel for you!

    • We’ll be twinners. I am hoping that I can take my boot off at the beach. Doc said it’d be OK as long as I don’t overdo it. We’ll see how I feel. I am trying to be super good.

  7. Paul E. von Savoye permalink

    Pirates of the Caribbean! Hope you heal fast & completely Marci. Love you, Dad

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