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Good news from the doc

July 17, 2012

If you followed the comments in my last post, you met my dad. Here he is with me and my oldest son at Pearl Harbor. He is a great dad, Asics Gels, notwithstanding. 😉 Here’s a glimpse of my footwear for the next four weeks. Also, FYI, shoes are required at Pearl Harbor.

So, I am a hypochondriac. After feeling pretty good for most of my Hawaii trip, I freaked out when I started feeling pain again. Then I went into panic mode after researching my symptoms online, believing  I would be crippled forever, or at least immobile for a very long time.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor who brought me to my senses. First, I was wrong. I did not have a stress fracture in the fifth metatarsal. It was at the base of my fourth. This was confusing information for me because the pain that began after doing all that walking in Hawaii starts at the base of my pinky toe and shoots down the lateral side of my foot—the area of the fifth metatarsal.

“Are you sure it’s the fourth and not my fifth?” I asked him. He got out my MRI results and showed me. Yep, there it was at my fourth metatarsal, an area where I no longer feel any pain. I explained to him my symptoms on the lateral edge of my foot and asked him what was going on there. He wasn’t sure, but suspected it had something to do with how I had been compensating for the initial injury.

In any case, he told me to get out of the boot and off the crutches. He put me back into the orthopedic sandal, encouraged me to swim and bike, and gave me some strengthening exercises to do each day. I see him again in four weeks. If I still have that pain on the outside of my foot, he said he’ll run more tests, but he suspects I should be feeling back to normal by then. Hooray!

Of course, he also told me not to even think about running until I can walk three miles without any pain. I’m OK with that. Right now, I am just grateful for a positive prognosis and the clearance to be walking at all.

And the take home message for you folks: No good comes from Googling your symptoms online.



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  1. PaulL permalink

    Yay! Awesome news!

  2. Supergabers permalink

    Woot! Woot! So glad for the good news! Love ya Sup.

  3. Ashley Chamberlin permalink

    Yay for you! Four weeks is an awesome prognosis!!

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