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Schools in. Shoes on. Feet stink.

August 20, 2012

The carefree days of a mostly barefoot summer are over for my three children. The older two started school a week-and-a-half ago. The littlest one started preschool today. Like most kids going back to school, all three went sporting a new pair of shoes. Fortunately, “toe shoes” are in so my older two were excited to be getting a new pair of Vibram FiveFingers each. I shopped around online and found the cheapest price, which of course was still considerably more than shoes I could have gotten them at Payless Shoe Source. But minimalist styles are better for their feet, and their feet are definitely worth the extra expense.

Unfortunately, my preschooler could not get his feet into a pair of FiveFingers. Even if he had the dexterity required to maneuver each of his cute little toes into all of the toe slots, his bricks for feet wouldn’t fit. Instead, I bought him a pair of Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves about a size and a half bigger than he normally wears because they don’t come in wide. (Boo!) Vibram actually makes the soles of these shoes, but Trail Gloves have a normal toe box, which means he can easily wear socks.

My other two children, however, stink their shoes up every day with their sweaty feet. I throw those suckers in the wash as soon as they get home from school, because if I didn’t, you’d surely know about it. You could be in Australia sitting at your computer, eating your toast and Vegemite, reading my blog and suddenly your olfactory would be hit with the putrid smell of my children’s shoes. You’d cough and gag, and chunks of bread coated with salty vegetable spread would spew all over your computer screen. I wouldn’t do that to you, Fair Reader. I hope you appreciate that.

Now, to be clear, my kids aren’t any stinkier than the average hooligan running around the school yard. They take a shower every night and when barefoot all day long, their feet have no noticeable odor. But put those little puppies in a foot glove and let sweat-eating bacteria stew all day? Well, get back. The rotting flesh of a roadkill baking in the Mississippi sun is a pleasant perfume by comparison.


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  1. Kevin W permalink

    How is the bare footing going this winter? Your blog is pretty cool enjoy the stories and quite an inspiration for someone who is interested in the bare foot lifestyle. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Kevin. I have neglected the blog, unfortunately. But I have not neglected barefooting. I have been mostly barefoot through the winter. I live in Mississippi so it hasn’t been too cold.

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