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A Thanksgiving miracle!

November 23, 2012

With or without shoes, if you are 4 years old and at the zoo with your dad, you’re going to ask for a shoulder ride

Every Thanksgiving the Jackson Zoo is free—no admission or parking. We aren’t huge fans of the zoo, but we are big fans of free. This is why a visit to the zoo has become an annual Thanksgiving tradition for our family.

The weather was sunny and warm and two of my three children hopped into the car without shoes. I had just gone on my longest barefoot run since hurting my foot last summer and decided my soles needed a break. It was only two miles, but my skin felt raw, nonetheless. So, I actually decided to wear shoes to the zoo.

As we started to walk through the gate, the lady at the ticket counter told us that our kids had to wear shoes in the zoo. My oldest son happened to have left a pair in the car, but Jonas, my youngest son, had nothing.

And then the most serendipitous thing I have ever experienced happened right there at the zoo. I heard my name from the parking lot. There was my friend Nichole, just leaving the zoo with her husband and two children, one of whom is my son’s age. Not only did he have on shoes that would fit, but they were a pair of coveted Air Jordans! Jonas’ friend was hesitant to just hand over his shoes, and really, who could blame him? People have shed blood over Air Jordans before and his mom was just asking him to hand them over with nothing in return. It was a great sacrifice and after a little bit of thought, he relented. What a friend!

We slipped those shoes on Jonas’ feet and walked into the zoo. Eight paces later, Jonas yanked them off and shoved them into my purse. Air Jordans or not, the animals weren’t wearing shoes, so Jonas didn’t think he needed to either.

The shoes that saved our zoo trip.

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  1. Think for Yourself permalink

    Zoos have gotten that uptight about bare feet? Wow, this is just ridiculous. I used to see people walking barefoot in zoos all the time. But that was probably before you were born….LOL

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