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Take your paws to the pavement

May 5, 2013
Beezus, my 11-month-old standard poodle, my daughter, and I all love running without shoes.

Beezus, my 11-month-old standard poodle, my daughter, and I all love running without shoes.

It’s Cinco de Mayo! The day we celebrate when Mexico… OK, I have no idea what we are celebrating on Cinco de Mayo. May 5, for us gringos, is just an excuse to eat nachos and get drunk, right? But before you get completely sloshed on those margaritas and mojitos, let me tell you that today is also International Barefoot Running Day. Barefoot runners all over the globe are congregating for barefoot running events.

Here in Mississippi, the celebration has been pretty quiet. In fact, the only barefoot running event I know about was when my running buddy and me took our paws to the pavement for an easy three mile run. My daughter, also barefoot, joined us for the first few yards.

I say there’s no reason you can’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo and International Barefoot Running Day during the same 24 hours. So, take off your shoes and socks and go for a run or a walk and feel the earth beneath you. Then come home and hit the queso dip and tequila like there’s no tomorrow. Descalzo Día feliz!

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  1. Two things:

    1) Cinco de mayo is actually a celebration of Mexico beating France in some obscure battle so it is actually fine to celebrate it without knowing why. The party is much more fun if it is unrelated to insignificant historical moments.

    2) Happy Barefoot Running Day–>

  2. Thanks Lee! Yes, and I ❤ Steven Sashen.

  3. Kevin W permalink

    Hows the barefoot summer going?

    • Kevin W, thanks for asking. I have been neglecting my blog but not my barefooting. The kids and I have been pretty much barefoot the whole summer so far. The pavement is starting to get pretty hot though. We may have to throw on shoes now and then.

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