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If you give a friend ‘Born to Run’

June 24, 2013

If you give a friend the book Born to Run, he’s going to stop wearing shoes. If he stops wearing shoes, he’s going to go grocery shopping in his bare feet…

Baby steps

Baby steps

That’s the foot of my newest recruit, headed to Kroger without shoes.  The sock line gives it all away. You can tell his stomper hasn’t seen the sun this summer, but a few barefoot runs, a little melanin and he’ll look like a natural.

Playing catch up

So far it’s been a great summer for barefooting—so great in fact, that I have neglected blogging. I appreciate all those who have checked in and asked how I was doing. Here’s a recap:

Free at last!

My youngest child took off his shoes after the last day of preschool and hasn’t put them on since. That’s a full six weeks without shoes. I’m anticipating a tough transition when he returns to the shod world in August.

Putting on his socks and shoes for the last time until fall.

Putting on his socks and shoes for the last time until fall.

Kicking it around town

We’ve been all over in our bare feet, including a museum, a baseball game, shopping and out to eat. My kids’ friends are often with us and they usually end up barefoot, too.

Out to eat in our bare feet

Out to eat in our bare feet

Swim. Bike. Run.

I finished my second triathlon. I participated as part of a relay team, as well as an individual. It was during this race last year that I broke my foot and ended up hobbling across the finish line. I am happy to report that this year I sprinted across the finish on two healthy  feet.

My triathlon buddies. I wore two timing chips. One for me, and one for my relay team.

My triathlon buddies. I wore two timing chips. One for me, and one for my relay team.

Of course, no one wore shoes for the swim portion of the race. I laughed at all the normally shod folks gingerly walking down to the water like they were crossing a tile floor covered in Legos. I wore cycling shoes for the bike portion—I have yet to try barefoot biking—but after the ride, I tore off those shoes and hit the trail. Some people actually thought I had just forgotten to pack my running shoes and was running barefooted, so I didn’t have to forfeit the race.

The Shoe Police

Over the weekend, I had my first encounter in a long time with the Shoe Police. I was out with my husband, celebrating our half anniversary (yes, we do that), when I was told by the server that I had to put on my shoes. Really?! Normally, I politely resist and am eventually allowed to continue what I am doing without anything on my feet. However, not wanting to embarrass my husband who hates a scene, I did not argue. Instead, I simply stood up and walked out.

We've been married 14.5 years. Happy half to us!

We’ve been married 14.5 years. Happy half to us!

And now you’re caught up.

  1. Amerigo diehl permalink

    Making me so jealous. I would love to adopt a barefoot lifestyle (or at least as much as I could ). Love the updates I am living vicariously thru you.

  2. Thanks for reading Amerigo!

  3. Amerigo diehl permalink

    Have followed your site for a while. I’m sure u mentioned it but please refresh my memory. What prompted u to adopt a almost completely barefoot lifestyle? Just curious

  4. I see you walk barefoot on city streets. When your children start going barefoot, how long does it take for the feet to “toughen up”? Do their soles become like leather, resistant to gravel and broken glass?

  5. Martin, it took me a lot longer to toughen up my feet than it did my kids, especially my youngest. He didn’t seem to need any time to toughen up. Really, they took to it pretty fast, too. I would say it took me months to really be comfortable walking the streets and sidewalks barefooted. Pavement and concrete are no problem for me. I still walk gingerly on gravel.

  6. Peter permalink

    Hey. I used to enjoy reading your posts, but haven’t heard anything from you since June. What has happened to you, hope you’re OK.

    • Thanks for reading Peter. I most definitely need to update. I am still here and still barefoot. I just got back from a barefoot vacation to New Orleans. Yes, I walked down Bourbon Street barefooted. Should be blogging… Just been busy.

  7. Calvin permalink

    Love you mom

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